Ab Bench “Editor’s Choice” Award

Best Ab Bench - Editor's ChoiceEvery year we choose an Ab Board that stands head and shoulders above the rest.  Some people call them leaders of the pack or trailblazers.  We just call them the Editor’s Choice.

With so many choices in exercise equipment out there, it’s difficult to tell the difference between a great ab bench that will be used for years to come and total crap that is both ineffective, uncomfortable, cause a back injury or will fall apart after a just a few months of regular use.

This year, we picked a board that has one single, solitary purpose:

Building Rock Hard Abs!

Some may wonder why we didn’t choose a multipurpose sit-up bench, that had adjustments to work every muscle on the body… well, our answer is simple:  We believe that in most cases, you came to this site because it specializes on building abs.

You didn’t come to this site to learn about fitness, or pick up a tip or two on building triceps, pecs, biceps, calves or hamstrings.  You came here to find out how you can build strong, sexy abs, using a quality ab bench… and maybe glean a nugget or two about shredding more fat off your midsection to finally uncover those abs that you’ve been working so hard to build.

So without further ado, our Editor’s Choice Award goes to… Read the rest of Ab Bench “Editor’s Choice” Award

TKO Sit-Up Board Review

TKO Sit-Up Board - Photo #1Every guy knows that the ladies love a firm, toned midsection. And you don’t have to slave away doing sit ups four hours a day to achieve well defined, attractive abs.

Why not use a few select tools to help you in your quest for stronger, flatter abs? To create well defined abdominals, you can use an ab board and get really efficient results.

Under review is the TKO Sit Up Bench; a well designed sit up bench that you can use anywhere in your own home.

Every TKO Sit Up Bench comes with… Read the rest of TKO Sit-Up Board Review

Mini Ab Bench Review

Mini Ab Bench - Photo #1When looking for an effective way to get those toned, killer abs that you are looking for, you may want to consider adding an ab board to your abdominal exercise routine.

The new abs boards coming out are high quality, effective, multipurpose, and show great results.

There are a lot of quality ab boards available to you; and the ab board you choose really depends on what your goals are.

You may want a no frills ab board for simple declined sit ups; or you may want a little more versatility from your ab board.

Under review is the Mini Ab Bench. This is a high quality basic abs bench that comes with… Read the rest of Mini Ab Bench Review

Body Solid GAB300 Semi-Recumbent Ab Bench Review

Body Solid GAB300 Photo #1When looking for an effective ab bench that will allow you to spot train and isolate on specific ab muscles, you have a few different options available to you.

However, not all of them are adjustable; and some of them are very basic in design.

If you are looking for reliable piece of home gym equipment that not only focuses on your abs, but also allows you to spot train individual areas of your abdomen, you may want to think about a combination ab bench.

Combination ab benches and ab machines are very similar to the types of hardware will often find in professional gyms and fitness facilities.  They allow advanced training of the abdominals by focusing on linear movement with weight that exceeds one’s body weight.

Under review is the Body Solid GAB300 semi-recumbent ab bench. This is a multi purpose ab bench that… Read the rest of Body Solid GAB300 Semi-Recumbent Ab Bench Review